6th European Nanomanipulation Workshop
23.-25. September, Giessen, Germany
Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Manipulation of Particles, Clusters, & Nanoscale Objects:
- Mehmet Baykara, Bilkent University, Turkey
"Searching for Structural Lubricity Under Ambient Conditions via
Nanomanipulation Experiments"
- Enrico Gnecco, IMDEA Madrid, Spain
"Surface rippling as a nanomanipulation process: A novel interpretation
and ways to prevent it"
- Franciszek Krok, Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland
"Controlling stability of  molecular structures by substrate surfaces
modified with ion-beam radiation"
- Rynno Lohmus, University of Tartu, Estonia
"In situ nanomanipulations: potentials and challenges"
- Karin Mougin, University Mulhouse, France
"Manipulation of gold nanoparticles on flat substrates using dynamic
force microscopy coupled with an ultrasonic system"

Manipulation of Atoms & Molecules:
- Clemens Barth, University of Marseille, France
"Charging C60 Islands with the AFM Tip"
- Thilo Glatzel, University of Basel, Switzerland
"Nanomanipulation of C60 islands on organic layer compound crystals"
- Samuel Jarvis, University of Nottingham, England
"Mechanical manipulation of molecular conformers with NC-AFM"
- Shigeki Kawai, University of Basel, Switzerland
"Manipulation of atoms and molecules by a functionalized local probe of
atomic force microscopy"
- Angelika Kühnle, Universität Mainz, Germany
"On-Surface Polymerisation of C60 on Calcite(104)"
- Daniel Ebeling, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, Germany
"Effect of stacking order on the orientation of adsorbed molecules:
Triphenylene on reconstructed Au(111)"

Theory of Nanomanipulation:
- Roberto Guerra, SISSA Trieste, Italy
"Simulating friction of nano-objects: From islands to clusters"
- Ivan Stich, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
"AFM Manipulation of Co atoms on oxidized copper surfaces: harvesting
short- and long-range interactions"
- Astrid de Wijn, Stockholm University, Sweden
Predicting and triggering long jumps and sticks in molecular diffusion

Biological Systems and Liquid Environment
- Tilman Schäffer, Universität Tübingen, Germany
"Mapping cell mechanics with AFM"
- Lars Heepe, Universität Kiel, Germany
"Microtribology of Biological and Bio-Inspired Adhesive Systems"
- Florian Hausen, Oxford University, England
"Friction and interfacial structure of ionic liquids"
- Johanna Blass, INM Saarbrücken, Germany
"Controlling friction and adhesion by supramolecular assemblies"