6th European Nanomanipulation Workshop
23.-25. September, Giessen, Germany
Conference Venue:

The conference is held in Room B201 at the Interdisciplinary Research
Center (IFZ) of the University of Giessen, Germany (Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26,
35392 Gießen)

A detailed map of the Science Campus can be downloaded here

Commute from the conference hotels:

Bus number 10, which leaves at the train station, will bring you directly to the
lecture hall, where the workshop takes place (please exit at Station
‘Naturwissenschaften’). Alternatively, you can also walk to the conference site,
which takes approximately 20-25 min.

In case you want to walk to the conference site check this link

Travel Information:

By Plane: If you arrive at Frankfurt Airport and need a train ride to to Giessen,
please check this website.
Choose ‘Frankfurt(M)Flughafen’ for departure and ‘Gießen’ as destination. In
case there is no booking option available for your preferred connection, you
can just buy a ticket from a ticket machine at the airport train station. 

By Train:  Please check this website and choose ‘Gießen’ as destination.

By Car: Giessen is well connected to the highway system. Main routes to
Giessen are the A45 from north and the A5 from south. In case you use
satellite navigation please enter: Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26, Gießen